Failure can be your stumbling block or your spring board! The difference is perception.


Altovise Pelzer, the author of "The PRESS", a series of self-help books for businesses, women and families, is the CEO of AP Business Consultants. Born and raised in Philadelphia, PA, Altovise was encouraged to write at the age of eight by her grandmother and she later found that developing a love of writing would get her through many difficult situations. What she didn't know, was that writing would also be a catalyst for her business, a gateway to connecting with youth and an opportunity to advocate for those who feel as though they have lost their voice. 

Altovise is currently strengthening her passion of motivating women and youth through speaking, her holiday anti bullying youth initiative #GiftsForChange and in the pages of her first book series titled "The Press: Eight Stages of Pressing through difficult situations" She finds inspiration for her book series and conference topics from life experiences surrounding the molestation of her two daughters, fighting homelessness, the loss of her mother, learning to trust again and love. She encourages both women and youth to #KeepPRESSing no matter what circumstances they may find themselves in. Look for the release of her first book in March of 2016.

Altovise is a mother, sister, mentor, friend, motivational coach and advocate. With so many hats, Altovise finds joy in spending time with her children and siblings doing what she loves most which is simply laughing. 

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