Invest In Yourself
Dedicate Resources To Self-Development

The book
Your voice has been silenced because of the things you endured in your past. The hurt, the pain, the regret and the guilt have all played a part in silencing what God has given you to use. This eBook will help you break the silence and take the first steps in leaving your unique fingerprint on your business, your family, your relationships and this world. Are you ready to define your unique voice?

This book will help you find your unique voice through self reflection, creating a daily habit of sharing your unique voice and using your personal testimony as a stepping stone into your future. 

The class
The Define Your Voice 10 week group coaching begins on June 20th. Defining Your Voice is a ten week group coaching that will help you reach your target audience through:

* Creating target related content
* Building the confidence necessary for live streaming
* Expanding the range of your current products
* Creating your own community on social media

Although these may seem like broad topics, each client receives a plan that is unique to their target audience and business structure.

Included in the one on one coaching
* A weekly 2 hour video conference session
* Support as you build your online community
* Access to me to answer questions or concerns
* A copy of the step by step process for creating content

I'm ready to help you "Define Your Voice"! The group coaching sessions are $250 for the ten weeks if paid in full or $25 to save your seat and $25 a week for ten weeks..
Are you ready to welcome into your life the abundance that God has custom designed & assigned for you?

Your brand is your business’s most valuable asset. It’s what influences customers, clients, prospects, partners, investors and employees. At every touch point, your audience is seeking a compelling experience. They want to invest their resources with the experts of that particular industry. However, prior to being able to own the master title, you have to first claim and refine your “IT” Factor.

You are your brand! I am going to help you bring it to life. Your gifts, skills, talents and abilites make up your brand and that is the It Factor that shines all through your PR. Learn how to make long lasting media connections, get your work featured on TV and Radio, and become a long standing brand.

Stevii Aisha Mills brings her Public Relations Degree and her experiences with companies such as Verizon Wireless and Walt Disney World and sprinkles it through this audio course.


The Life, Legacy and Leadership Series

The Life, Legacy and Leadership Series is our 2016 celebration of women of the past, present and future! We will honor their accomplishments and commitment to their dreams by featuring the voices and the visions of dynamic speakers. We will also give you the opportunity to shop from your seat and not your feet as we showcase vendors who have products and services that every woman will love! Our weekend together will be full of uniqueness, success and fun!
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