The PRESS Series

Invest in your future today by purchasing the first book in "The PRESS Series" titled "It's Okay to Cry"! Along with your purchase today you will receive the "It's Okay to Cry" journal as your gift. (A $10 value that will strengthen your understanding in knowing that your tears do not mean weakness)
The PRESS Series: Eight Stages of Getting Through Difficult Situations

Book One: It's Okay to Cry
Book Two: The Battle is the Lord's
Book Three: Alone Moments
Book Four: Ripple Effect
Book Five: The Voice of Authority
Book Six: P.R.E.S.S.
Book Seven: Forgiving is True Freedom
Book Eight: New Beginnings
Difficult situations have a way of defining the type of life that you live. The molestation that happened when you were younger that you haven't told anyone about or the deep rooted reason why your marriage ended in divorce connected to your childhood? How about the devastation your family endured when you were evicted or when you lost a loved one to cancer? Altovise shares testimonies of the tools she used to PRESS through each difficult situation coupled with biblical testimonies displaying the victory that is within your PRESS. You have what you need to #KeepPRESSing! 

About the Author

Meet Altovise Pelzer. Her journey began when God began healing her and her family after the molestation of her daughters. In a time when most would quit, she continued to fight through homelessness, pain, fear, an unexpected relocation for her and her children and the death of her mother. It was in that moment that she realized that there is victory in your PRESS no matter what the circumstances might be. Not only is there "victory for you, your PRESS will influence someone else to PRESS. She has been encouraging women and youth ever since. And from pain and fear to faith, Altovise has realized the closer she got to God the more peace she had in her life. 
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